Pillage Dedicated Server


How to set up your own dedicated server?

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Server requirements:

  • Operating System: Only Windows.
  • CPU: 4 cores.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • Disk Space: 2 GB


In ten steps:


1. Download this .rar with the server files: Download


2. Unpack “Pillage Dedicated Server.rar” and you should have those files in your folder:

Desktop 2018-06-29 20-12-07-123

3. Run “StartServer”  and wait while Steam CMD downloads all necessary files.

4. When the console shows this:


Desktop 2018-06-30 15-48-07-58

It means that all files have been downloaded and now you’re able to configure your server. Close the console.

5. Open the folder: “ServerConfig”.

Desktop 2018-06-29 20-21-29-147

6. Open the file: “ServerConfig”.

Desktop 2018-06-29 20-22-09-213

7. Edit this file and set all information.

Desktop 2018-06-30 15-22-50-877

Remember not to delete ‘=’. You can edit only the things that are on right side.


  • gameport= it’s a port that is used to connect with the server. Remember to use
    an opened port!
  • servername= The name of the server that will be shown in the server browser.
  • serverdescription= The description of the server that will be shown in the server browser.
  • maxplayers= Amount of players that can join the server. Min. 1 – Max. 64.


8. Come back to the main folder and run “StartServer”.

If you set up everything correctly the server after about a minute should show this:

Desktop 2018-06-30 15-14-38-667


*Note: White stripes protect my IP and Game server Steam ID.
You will see your data!

**Warning: When the server is run it can be shut down ONLY by typing in a command: /server.shutdown
Closing the server by exit button may cause errors!


9. Type in /help in the console to see all available command.

When you’re added as an admin by a command: /admin.add “steamID” you’re able to invoke commands from the game.(Press F1 when you’re in the game to open the console). 


10. The most important commands for an admin.

/admin.add “steamID” – Adds an admin to the server.

for example: /admin.add “12345678”.

/server.restart.now – Restarts server now.
for example: /server.restart.now

/server.restart.add hour minutes “AM” or “PM” – Restarts server at planned time
(in 12-hour system).
for example:
/server.restart.add 3 00 “PM”
/server.restart.add 7 00 “AM”

/server.restart.add 3 00 “PM”


/kick “playerSteamName” – Kick a player.
for example:
/kick “Abcde”

/kickid “playerSteamID” – Kick a player.
for example:
/kickid “12345678”

/ban “playerSteamName” – Ban a player.
for example:
/ban “Abcde”

/banid “playerSteamID” – Ban a player.
for example:
/banid “12345678”

/server.shutdown – Shut down the server.
for example: