School It

Homework in 5 minutes! Math, Physics, Chemistry & English in one place! "School It" solves the exercises for you, step-by-step in the easiest way! It has never been easier to do homework! Android:¬† iOS: the 1st half of 2020. The current version contains: Maths: - Fractions - Surfaces - Perimeters - Volumes - Percentage - … Continue reading School It

The Constellation Devblog 1

Hello everyone! I'm really happy that I can announce "The Constellation" to you all officially!   What "The Constellation" is? The Constellation is an open world sandbox space survival game offering a unique blend of sandbox, strategy gameplay, action, AI, dynamically changing environments and the procedurally generated world. Colonize the planet! You're one of the … Continue reading The Constellation Devblog 1