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I’m Jakub Klementewicz, an 19-year-old Polish indie developer.

As a child, I loved to play video games. I wondered: How games are made?; How many people are needed to create a game? Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a person who works in IT.

When I was 10 years old, I bought my first book about programming in C++. I started coding simple console programs like calculators, text-games etc. I wanted to know more and more every day!
My native language is Polish. I understood that language is the biggest border between people. Although I have been learning English in the school, I decided to improve my skill and I started to learn it from the Internet on my own.  I made a decision to buy a new book to improve my programming skills. I learned, learned, learned… I felt that was not only a hobby or a passion. I knew it was a part of my life. That was the first chapter in my journey.


My Stores:

My Google Store
Voxelaxy on Steam



In April 2014(I was 15), I published my first application on Google Play:


Fizykulator (eng. “Physiculator”, the combination of two words: Physics and a calculator).




Although it is written only in Polish, I hope you get a context 😉

I wanted to create some app on my own and share it. I knew C++, so Java was not a big problem for me. I asked my friends: “What should I create?”. They told me, that homework of physic is really hard and they wanted some app, which could help in it. Fizykulator could solve equations after giving values. It had a built-in converter, so a user was able to switch units like Kg -> g or *C -> *F etc.

My works in Unity 3D

In 2015 I started to use Unity 3D. I created a lot of simple games, which I published on Google Play. Here are screenshots of some of them:




My dream was to create some 3D game, I knew that I had to learn to model. In 2015 I also created a lot of simple and more realistic graphics. A few of them you can watch here:




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In 2016 I came back to Android and Java! I wanted to build something better than Fizykulator and make it available for every student.

Pomocniczek (eng. School Helpmate)

As you can see Pomocniczek solves Maths equations step-by-step so it can really help students, who hate Maths or have a problem with it.
Currently, it has got over 26 000 downloads!
Here is a link to download Pomocniczek: Google Play – Pomocniczek



05.02.2017 – Sunday afternoon.
I’ve been thinking about Earth, space, other planets. I got an idea to create some models. The Furnace, the Astronaut, the Spaceship. Then I thought that the Astronaut looks funny and could be a character in some game about space. I’ve reduced his radio from his head and he started to look like a real astronaut.


I called it Voxelaxy, the name is the combination of two words: Voxel & Galaxy. Voxel is a kind of graphic I use to create a game. I hope you know what galaxy is 🙂

Here is a Photogallery:




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I published Voxelaxy on Steam and it is available to download and play!


Voxelaxy received Editor’s Choice from Komputer Świat one of the biggest Polish websites about IT.


A lot of YouTubers recorded videos about Voxelaxy.

Here is a list of places where you can find my works, use them, play them and more! 🙂

Contact me!

Feel free to contact me via Social Media (links in the header) or by Contact page on my website! 🙂

Thank you!

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