Rocky Planet – Announcement

Hello everyone!

I’m really happy that I can announce Rocky Planet to you all officially!



What “Rocky Planet” is?

Rocky Planet is an open world sandbox space survival game offering a unique blend of sandbox, strategy gameplay, action, AI, dynamically changing environments
and the procedurally generated world. Colonize the planet!

You’re one of the pioneers who want to colonize the universe.
Something hit your starship and you had to land in an emergency. Luckily you survived!
Use your tools, experience and imagination to survive and continue your journey in this insane world!

In Rocky Planet you create your own story!

Be creative!

Gather resources to build awesome bases. Use a wide range of light sources to make your planet beautiful!
Play and enjoy!

Key features: 

  • The procedurally generated world
  • The innovational mining system. Use your laser gun in a hand and upgrade it!
  • The multi-way crafting system.
  • Invasions. Aliens can attack you and invade your base if you don’t give them what they want.
  • The dynamically changing environments, weather.
  • The Day & Night cycle.

Don’t forget to wishlist!

Link to Steam Store


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