Pillage Devblog 1

Release: Steam in Summer 2018.

The huge Garbage Dump, full of old containers, trashes and valuable things(if you find them) and of course the looters – your enemies. You’ve entered when the gate was open…, but you can’t get out now. You know that you’re not alone there. Did you hear steps? This Garbage Dump is full of looters who think that all things belong to them.

There are no bots, there is no AI. Enemies are other players. Fight or hide! Rush or wait! Protect your stuff or just give up! It’s your decision.

Find valuable loot, take it, try to alive and sell your stuff to the masked men, who are trades! Where are them? Everywhere. Hey! You!!! The dealer can offer some good things to you, ohhh.. of course, if you’ve got cash.

What the game offers:

– Map size: about 5km²- 64 players on the server.
– About 5000 places to hide – Over 8000 Loot Points.
– The map is adapted to enlarge.
– If you log out from the server, your equipment will be saved.



The game is NOT a Battle Royale type of a game.

1. If you log out from the server, your equipment will be saved.
2. There are no weapons like pistols and guns! You will be able to use weapons like Machete, Axe, Pickaxe, Bucket, Brick, Baseball Stick, Metal Pipe etc.
3. The game hasn’t got time limiters like rounds, areas. You’ve got about 5km² of the map and you can play there as long as you want.
4. There is fully randomized looting system, in the trashes you can find, a silver coin, machete or carrot.



Pillage 2018-05-26 22-24-18-890Pillage 2018-05-28 11-56-37-733Pillage 2018-05-25 22-04-06-941

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