Pillage – Devblog 12

New polished models, lighting system, optimization & post-effects!


Desktop 2018-04-04 15-59-34-415.jpg

The remastered furniture looks more realistic and they suit the environment well! Although models have got more vertex, there are more FPS than before! Thanks to the optimized the rendering system that I’ve been working on last week.



Desktop 2018-04-06 16-50-31-604.jpg

I’ve been pushing the lighting system even further than before. The first thing you will notice here is that instead of having just shadows, there are blending with gloss and other lights now. This makes the scene look more realistic and models are easy on the eyes, as well.


Desktop 2018-04-07 16-44-56-288

You know that if you want to run a good-looking game, you have to have a good hardware. But on the other hand, the developer should optimize the game as well as it is possible. I’ve done it! The new rendering system with Occlusion Culling reduced the count of vertex 15 times! Yes, 15 times! That “FPS Supply” let me add more polished objects, remaster lighting system and add new fantastic post-effects!



Desktop 2018-04-07 16-42-34-689

The game without post-effects can’t be called realistic-looking! The screenshot with the bloom, depth of field don’t show all benefits of post-effects.
Just watch new videos with Motion Blur, Bloom and more…


Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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