These books remember another world.

Today, I’ve found these books in my school library.


Today, I’ve found these books in my school library. They’re the oldest things there.

My country – Poland was under foreign rule for 123 years.(in XIX and XX centuries).
Poland lost its independence in 1795.

That’s why some first pages are in foreign languages(Russian and German). Poland regained independence after the First World War. There was one book which was printed only a few months before (11th November 1918 – Independence Day).




It has been printed 147 years ago…
I can’t imagine how old it is. Someone printed that and kept in his hands and now, I could keep it too. One man who had closed the book and me – the man who opened it.

There are some temples from old Schools in my city.  The book has been written in the old version of Polish. Then Polish use:

“Y” – nowadays we use  “J”;
“X” – nowadays we use “KS”;



1918 is one of the most important moments in the Polish history. In this year we regained independence after 123 years.
The book is titled “O Żołnierzu Polskim” – eng. “About the Polish Soldier”.



Only one year before Second World War. After 123 years we have been independent only for 21 years. Then the next war came…

In the early morning hours of 1 September 1939 Schleswig-Holstein fired the first shots of World War II when she bombarded the Polish base at Westerplatte.
In October 2017 I was at Westerplatte – the place where the II World War started.

I’ve taken a picture of the monument which is situated at Westerplatte.



“Nigdy więcej wojny” – eng. “Never war again”.




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