Happy New Year from Cosmos

Hi everyone!

I don’t know if you’re now in 2018 or still in 2017.
I would like to wish you Happy New Year.

I hope your every dream will come true! Have a nice time in 2018. Make new friendships, smile, laugh and jump!
Be a good man, try to understand everyone, don’t judge, help if you can! Sometimes one little smile can change the life of another person.

That year 2017 was magic, it changed my life. I understood a lot.
I’ve learned how to hard work.
I’ve learned how to be positive.
I’ve learned how to be a good man.
I’ve learned how to respect another person.
I’ve met a lot of fantastic people in Nowy Sącz(City in Poland, where I was on the Geniusz IT Competition(eng. Genius IT Competition).
I’ve published my game on Steam, called – Voxelaxy.
That picture shows characters from Voxelaxy.
I’m working on the new game you can read about it and about my story on my website.
I’ve already decided to say the world: That was a fantastic year!

Stay positive! Believe in your skills! Change your life! Don’t waste your time, stop putting the blame on you. Be brave! Be happy!
If you say that you can’t do that – Trust me, you can! I’ve changed my mind and told myself: „YES YOU CAN”.

Thank you!


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