The weekend in Gdynia!

Hello everyone!

Guess what happened!

I was invited to take part in the showcase of „Geniusz IT” by Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu – National-Louis University from Nowy Sącz during Gdynia E(x)plory Week 2017.

Gdynia E(x)plory Week is the biggest event popularizing learning and modern technologies in Poland. You can read more about that event: HERE.

It’s me 🙂

During my presentation, I was talking about my works.
I showed a lot of my applications, graphics, and games. If you don’t know them yet, go to THIS page!

I also described how I had started to learn to program when I had been 10 years old.
„Everyone can be a good programmer! You have to learn a lot and work hard, then you will achieve your goals!” – I said.
I wanted to motivate young students who were interested in IT.

After my presentation, I visited the coast.

Baltic Sea is the most beautiful sea in the world! I could watch waves crashing into rocks for ages! Let’s look at my photos! 🙂

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